Take the Pledge. Enter #thebedisdead contest. You may win a cash prize, just for telling us why you don’t tan.

Now that you have taken the pledge, your next step is to get involved by taking a stand on indoor tanning for a chance to win a cash prize! Post a selfie photo or video on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #thebedisdead and tell us why you have chosen to not tan indoors. To be eligible to win, you must follow the rules and regulations below. The Nebraska Cancer Coalition (NC2) will select a participant to win the prize at the end of the campaign.



Rules and Regulations

Instagram or Twitter photos or videos that do not meet the following criteria will not be entered to win the prize.

1. Nebraska teenagers ages 13-18 are eligible to enter.

2. Participants must submit an image or video of themselves (selfie) on Instagram or Twitter.

3. Participants must share one or more reasons why they will not tan indoors in the comment section of Instagram or in their tweet. Multiple photos or videos are accepted.

4. Participants must use the hashtag #thebedisdead in comment section of Instagram or in their tweet.

5. Photos or videos containing language or images of the body that are inappropriate for a general audience, including small children, will be disqualified. Swimsuits are only appropriate for high school swim teams or clubs.

6. Participants should not take or post a photo or video while driving or operating heavy machinery or otherwise distracted.

7. Safety notice: Participants should not be exposed to artificial UV light (tanning beds). Do not film or take a photo of a tanning bed that is on (emitting UV light).

8. Participants must submit their photo or video during the timeframe of Feb. 28 through July 10, 2015.

9. Entries will be judged by members of the NC2 team to determine the prize winner.

10. A winner will be determined at the conclusion of the campaign in early July 2015.

11. Winner will be contacted by NC2 via Twitter or Instagram; however the entry was submitted.

12. Winner has the opportunity to represent The Bed is Dead in at least one media opportunity.



The Bed is Dead 2014 Contest Winner:
Emily Pawoll


“I don’t tan because I don’t want to become a victim of melanoma. I stay away from tanning beds to avoid my brother telling me, “That tan makes her look like a Dorito.” I can, and did, have just as much fun at prom without visiting a tanning bed first! Focus on your strengths instead of being bummed about not being tan enough for your liking during winter months. Take a stand! #takethepledge #thebedisdead”