Congratulations to The Bed is Dead contest winners!

Nebraska teens, ages 13-18, were invited to post a selfie photo or video on Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #thebedisdead and tell us why they chose to not tan indoors.  The Nebraska Cancer Coalition (NC2) chose the following winners in 2015 and 2014.


The Bed is Dead 2015 Contest Winner:
Val Aman

mv2Val & Michelle     “I don’t tan because my older sister Michelle got melanoma because of tanning beds. I stay away from tanning beds because I remember the day my mom and I got the call from my sister saying she had skin cancer – it was scary and broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I was younger at the time and didn’t know a lot about skin cancer. It worried me, knowing my sister had a horrible disease and the slight chance that I might lose her. Since that day, I swore to myself I would never enter a tanning bed to save the risk of getting skin cancer myself. I’ve learned that I can be pale and still enjoy life without having to be tan by entering a tanning bed! Take the stand! #thebedisdead #takethepledge”

The Bed is Dead 2014 Contest Winner:
Emily Pawoll


“I don’t tan because I don’t want to become a victim of melanoma. I stay away from tanning beds to avoid my brother telling me, “That tan makes her look like a Dorito.” I can, and did, have just as much fun at prom without visiting a tanning bed first! Focus on your strengths instead of being bummed about not being tan enough for your liking during winter months. Take a stand! #takethepledge #thebedisdead”